1 Choose Calling Plan
Unlimited Calling
$24.95 Per Month, Per User
No contracts, bills monthly, cancel any time.
Pay As You Go
Minutes start at $9.95
No monthly fees, unlimited users, minutes don't expire.
2 Create Your Account

One-Time Password Verification

Please provide a mobile phone number on which you may receive a one-time password by text.

3 Service Phones

Service Phones are the phone(s) you will use to call Itellas. We need to know the number(s), because that's how we identify customers when they use the service. We need at least one to activate your account now.

You will be able to add more Service Phones after signup.
4 Terms of Service

Use of the service constitutes agreement and acceptance of the Terms of Service.

  • No refunds - no exceptions. This includes subsequent monthly subscription payments or minutes purchases.
  • We prosecute chargeback fraud. Customers opening disputes on valid sales are sent to collections.
  • Itellas may analyze calls and their metadata for fraud and other illegal activities.
5 Payment Information

Please read the following notices before signing up:

  • Itellas will electronically verify your identity during this process, and will collect information about you and your device for that purpose.
  • The use of VPNs, Proxies, ToR, or any type of hosting or cloud computing resources will cause your signup to fail.
  • Due to regulatory concerns, Itellas does not sell to customers who reside outside the 50 United States.